Anything Goes in Art!
Why the title Anything Goes in Art? There was a time I could do just about anything, which this page will display work from years past.
I went thru several albums and picked a small sampling of what I used to do. Of course I still paint animals; on all kinds of materials from canvas to chests. But is has been many years since I painted motorcycles, wall murals, etc.
I did enjoy the 3D art- I would make the model, paint the background and combine them!
I also wrote a book- Life & Times of Billy "THE KID". I self- published it in 2001, and a new, improved 2011 version is available for Kindle and paperback. Go to the Author?Author! page for details
Starship Voyager from the opening sequence of the TV show.
Shuttle heading back for DS9
3 cats on canvas
Cat on slate
Boxer on canvas
Black Cocker Spaniel  on oval canvas
Poodle on slate
Pair of horses on canvas
This group of horses won 2 awards at 1 show!
Paint colt on canvas
Farm house on slate
Wall mural in restaurant
Ranch house on slate
Scooby Doo painted on vinyl
Hand painted on vinyl on an ice cream truck
Alien from Independence Day
LARGE Dino leg for the showing of Jurassic Park at the Drive In
Spiderman- also for the Drive In Theater
I had to add this one- I got more smiles and response to this tank then anyother one I did- and I did over 200 pieces over the years.
Airbrushed mural
Airbrushed mural- this was my bike when I could still ride. Hated selling it.
Airbrushed mural
Frog on tire cover