I  wrote a book- 
Life & Times of Billy "THE KID". 
I self- published it in 2001.

 I have since improved it with more stories and art. It is available at for ebooks and Nook.

My second book- The Amethyst Crystal -is finished, and it is also available for Kindle at It gave me something to do while the shoulder was healing and I couldn't paint.


Life & times of Billy "THE KID"
Articles that appeared in The Times News, Lehighton, PA

Sisters team up with students to present play at East Penn Elementary School
Two years ago Pat DeLong of Lehigh Township started writing a book. She was upset about her father's death and sitting down in front of her computer to write helped her through her grief.
She imagined being a 13-year-old boy mourning the death of a friend and the words flowed freely until she nearly completed her book, "The Life and Times of Billy the Kid."
The book is really about her childhood loss of a friend, Randy Frisch," who died when she was 6 years old when he crashed his bike into a truck.
"I didn't write the book, the book wrote itself," she said. "I feel it was a gift from my father." The book is dedicated to her father, W.L. "Bill" DeLong, and her sister, Jill, who helped edit the book, and helped her determine which paragraphs or entire chapters should be deleted. 
Then suddenly the inspiration stopped; she had contracted writer's block until the pain from knee surgery brought her back in front of her computer to finish her book. The writer's block had lasted from the spring of 2000 to New Year's Day 2002, when she finally completed the final seven chapters of the book. The book has 31 chapters and was published by 1st Books.
On a lark, her sister who teaches fourth grade at East Penn Elementary School, offered the choice of reading the book to her class. The students absolutely loved it, she a said. When they were given the opportunity to put on a play, they chose DeLong's book as this year's play project.
Author DeLong and teacher DeLong worked with the children to write a script. The children chose their favorite 13 chapters to perform and the play culminated into a recent public performance in front of the entire school and community.
"I'm nervous," said the author. "I don't know if I can watch." But she couldn't tear her eyes away as her words became their words during the performance.
The children had worked long and hard to put on the play. They worked for 2-1/2 months on the project, reading the book, adapting the book into the play script and rehearsing after school and weekends at play practice.
"We put on a performance every year," said teacher DeLong. "This one was even more special because I could share it with my sister."

Pat DeLong's storytold through the eyes of Billy the Kid
By Mary Ann Endy   Press writer
Almost two years since the death of her father, author Pat DeLong of Lehigh Township has accomplished a lifetime dream of having a book published. Youthful memories that include her best friend's untimely childhood death are recorded as a tribute of remembrance to him for always being there for her. 
Her true-life story really begins with the help from a playmate, a guardian angel who helped her conquer speech impairments due to a mild form of epilepsy. He may have only been here for a little while but he had an important impact on her life.
"Randy Frisch was my best friend, my translator, my confidant," Pat says with a lump in her throat. "A simple word such as lollipop became 'olliop'." 
When she needed emotional support the most, he was there.
"It took several years of speech therapy until I was able to communicate properly." Six-year-old Randy died from a fractured skull incurred from a bicycle accident.
For almost four decades she ignored her desire to write a book to tell Randy Frisch, "I've never forgotten you." Her inspiration came with the death of her father W.L. "Bill" DeLong dying suddenly of a massive cerebral hemorrhage. This made her realize that the clock was ticking. She needed to fulfill her desire to write the book geared for a child's level of reading, although adults too, enjoy it. The book depicts facts intermixed with fiction creating an imaginative tale of her life.
She portrays real-life friends, relatives and even her pet dogs as characters in her book "The Life and Times of Billy 'The Kid'." "I wrote the characters as non-descriptive as mention of race or religion," Pat says. There is also no specific time surrounding the story.
Billy visits local places, such as Becky's Drive-In to see a movie, classmates and he visit Carbon County Prison in Jim Thorpe where handprints of a prisoner exist on the walls, and the house on top Marshall's Hill in Palmerton becomes a scene of a haunted mansion.
The local places give the reader an opportunity to identify with the area talked about. One of the tales in the story centers on an old outhouse that becomes an imaginary spaceship.
The story begins as a homework assignment. Billy's teacher has the class write their autobiography. At the time, he is only13 years old and believes his life has been dull and boring. As he begins to focus back on his life, he begins to realize that it was adventurous after all. The book is one that once you start reading, you cannot put it down. The descriptive adventures will encourage your child to read what happens to Billy, a typical young boy who finds himself in one predicament after another. The book also teaches children to take responsibility for their actions. Billy's assignment makes him realize the importance of family and friends in his life.
Pat grew up in North Catasauqua and has lived in the township for more than 20 years. She is an artist by profession and painted the mural on Lorah's barn in Berlinsville. However, she is also known for all her creative artistic abilities in bringing movies to life at Becky's Drive-In Theatre.
She is a member of the U.S.S. Aleutian Star Trek Club, since rescuing a model of the starship Enterprise built by Cub Scout Pack 201 for use in Halloween parades. The model was nearly destroyed, for it was beginning to fall apart. With a lot of help, she rebuilt it using everything from bubble gum to baling twine.
The book was not Pat's first adventure in writing.
"I had written a Star Trek episode that I submitted to Paramount," she explaining, however, that nothing ever became of it.
She acknowledges her sister Jill DeLong, an elementary teacher in the Lehighton School District, for her assistance in helping to encourage and edit the manuscript. With her two best friends, Inky and Scamper at her feet, as she wrote, she says "As long as I left the book write itself, it really flowed." With being a first-time writer, seeking a publisher was quite a challenge, but her inherited gift of her father's perseverance prevailed.

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Author has stories, pictures about mansion, old jail
Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ELSA KERSCHNER/TIMES NEWS Pat DeLong and her sister Jill took two of Pat's children's books to the East Penn School to read to students. Pat DeLong recently published her second book, "The Amethyst Crystal." In addition she added to and made improvements in her first one, "Life and Times of Billy 'the Kid,' the Amazing Life of an Ordinary Kid."
In early December she visited the East Penn and Franklin Elementary schools and parts of each book were read to the students. Her sister Jill, a former East Penn teacher, accompanied her to the school and did the reading.
But DeLong was not looking for a career as an author though she did some writing.. In fact, it was art that interested her beginning while she was still attending North Catasauqua Elementary School. At Northampton Community College she earned a degree in commercial art.
She has a SEVERAL series of paintings of race horses, has done murals and the artwork at Becky's Drive In, Berlinsville, where she works NOT REALLY. After living in Lehigh Township for 23 years she now lives in Palmerton with Jill in the house once owned by her grandparents.
In the past 10 years she has spent more of her time writing NO, I'VE BEEN PAINTING THE MOST UNTIL THIS YEAR- WROTE THE 2 BOOKS IN 200,2003 AND 2011 The first children's book she wrote is about a boy, Billy, doing ordinary things.
Jill was a teacher at East Penn Elementary. "I would have my class read chapter books. We took chapters of Billy the Kid and made plays."
The fourth-grade students rehearsed for three months twice a week. It was such a neat project and is what she misses most in retirement.
A chapter tells of the time Billy's class visited the old jail museum in Jim Thorpe. He and some friends 1 FRIEND wandered away from the class. They saw the handprint on the wall made when one of the Molly Maguires, miners accused of killing mine owners, said it would remain to prove his innocence.
Another story was about the mansion on the hill outside Palmerton. Billy heard it was to be torn down so he and some friends visited it.
Other chapters are about cheating, bullying, the death of a friend, a fire at another friend's house, being home alone, spending time with his father, a visit to Becky's Drive In and having a new girl in the neighborhood who wants to play sports with the boys. There are 39 chapters with each one being a story in itself.
The chapter about the boy who died was based on a friend who died at age 6.
"The Amethyst Crystal" was running around DeLong's head for years. In her school days she wrote short science fiction stories. Crystal is an adventure science fiction story. Three teenagers travel through time looking for pieces of the amethyst crystal which had been broken and dispersed throughout the world. This book has a sketch book in the final pages rather than pictures throughout.
She bought a crystal on ebay and was wearing it when she visited the schools. It is also the design for the cover artwork of the book.
"If you like mysteries this is a good book for you," said DeLong. It is suitable for intermediate readers.
After her reading, she asked if the students liked the book. They replied, "It's good." A BIT MORE ENTHSIACTIC THEN JUST IT'S GOOD
Earlier she wrote an episode of "Star Trek" which was not accepted. She is a member of the USS Aleutian Star Trek Club. UNFORTUNATELY, CLUB IS LONG GONE
"Billy" is dedicated to her father, W.L. "Bill" DeLong, who urged her to write. DAD DIED BEFORE I TOOK THE WRITING COURSE- HIS DEATH GAVE ME THE PUSH TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT WRITING
They are available at and Amazon and can be read on a Kindle. AND FROM ME- SPECIAL: BOTH BOOKS SIGNED

Local Artist, Author Has Passion for the Arts

By Joe Korba

Not everyone gets to follow his or her dreams. Reality has a way of putting the kibosh on many artists and writers achieving their goals, but that isn’t the case with Pat Delong. The local author and artist’s love of writing and drawing began when she was a student at North Catasauqua Elementary school and her passion continued through high school and while she attended Northampton Community College where she earned a degree in Commercial Art. 
“My dad took me to Northampton County Community College to see what courses would be like. We walked into the office and we were handed med tech courses. One look at the chemistry and physics and I knew it wasn’t for me. I said something about the art courses and the woman replied ‘Oh, you don’t want to do that! Those people are strange!’ I knew that I found my future,” Pat recalls. 
Pat lived in Lehigh Township for 23 year and now calls Palmerton home where she continues her lifelong love affair with the arts. 
“I have spent most of my life painting, doing everything from race horses, family pets and houses to the murals on Lorah’s Barn and artwork at Becky’s Drive In. It’s only in the past 10 years or so that I’ve returned to my love of writing,” Pat says. 
Her first book, The Life and Times of Billy “The Kid”, was self-published in 2001 and follows that life of a student forced to write an autobiography for a class project and references many familiar places like the old Jim Thorpe Jail, the house on Marshall’s Hill in Palmerton and Becky’s Drive In.  
Her more recent book, The Amethyst Crystal, is an adventure story with plenty of time traveling and mysteries to solve. The teen protagonists travel to many famous locations throughout history.
Pat displays her art on her website:, check it out and support a local artist who followed her dreams. 

Life and Times of Billy “The Kid” and
The Amethyst Crystal
By Pat DeLong

My love of writing and drawing began many, many years ago when I was a student at North Catasauqua Elementary School.  I wrote some short stories…mostly science fiction and my immense interest in horses led to my love of drawing.  I graduated from Catasauqua High School in 1973 and continued my education at Northampton Area Community College, where I graduated with an Associates’ Degree in Commercial Art.  I lived in Lehigh Township for 23 years and now reside in Palmerton.
I have spent most of my life painting, doing everything from race horses, family pets, and houses to the murals seen on the Lorah’s barn and the original artwork at Becky’s Drive-in in Walnuport, and in Palmerton; Tony’s Pizza and the Palmerton Telephone Company office.  It has only been in the past ten years that I have returned to my love of writing.
My first book was The Life and Times of Billy “The Kid.”  This is not the story of the famous outlaw, but an autobiography of a boy who believes his life would not make an interesting read for his class project.  While writing, he discovers that his life was not boring at all.  While reading about Billy, you will probably notice that the book contains references to familiar places that he has visited.  He tells about his adventures at the old Jim Thorpe Jail, the house on Marshall’s Hill in Palmerton, Becky’s Drive-in, to mention a few.  The stories deal with the life of a regular boy…and in growing up in an average small town.  Billy experiences his attempt to run away from home, pressure from other boys to try shoplifting, being on a sports team with a girl, suffering the loss of a friend, bullying, and lots more.  The book is geared for any student from third grade through middle school, but is a great read-aloud book for students in the primary grades (and grownups like it as well).  It is filled with lots of humor, but touches on the more difficult things that life deals out.
The Amethyst Crystal is an adventure story about time traveling and solving the mystery of the crystal.  The teens travel to many famous locations and need to use all their skills to find the answers.  This book is geared for intermediate grades and middle school students and is enjoyed by both boys and girls.
All of the artwork on the covers and throughout the book is my own.  When my sister, Jill, was an elementary teacher in the Lehighton School District, she had her fourth grade class read “Billy, the Kid” and they enjoyed it so much they chose that book to write a play script and perform it for the entire student body of the East Penn Elementary School (not just once but twice!).