Hi there! So, curiosity has got you and you want to know who I am? Well, my real name is Patti, but I got tired of everyone misspelling it- no, it isn’t Patty, or Pattie or the worst of all, Patricia. My mom named me after Patti Page, but I didn’t get any singing talents from it. I also wrote a book several years ago and used Pat for that- but that is another story.
When Mom was carrying me, my sister used to pray for a brother, or sister, or anything else you’ve got. Since the requests are very few and far between for the anything else, that’s what they got. Plus, being the middle kid, and an artist, my path was pretty well set in stone!
I graduated from Catasauqua High School- whose mascot is the Rough Rider. For someone who has loved horses since knee-high to a grasshopper, it couldn’t have picked a better school! Being the free spirit that I am, and not planning ahead; unlike my sister who knew she was going to be a school teacher, or my brother who wanted to go into the culinary arts; Mom used to pick my occupations for me. She went from hair dresser, teaching of the blind and med tech.  Dad took me to NCACC (Northampton County Area Community College) to see what the courses would be like. It’s funny how being someplace at the right time just makes the right decision easy. As we were walking around the campus, the art department was having a show. I looked at the pieces and remarked to my dad that I could do that. I was painting and drawing (generally horses) for as long as I can remember. We walked into the office and was handed the courses for a med tech. One look at the chemistry and physics and I knew that wasn’t for me! I said something about the art courses and the woman said, “Oh, you don’t want to do that! Those people are strange!” I guess the smile that went from ear to ear let Dad know I had found my future.
I’ve had various jobs; a photoengraver, highway construction, printer prep work, but I’ve always kept the paint brush or air brush busy. As you can see by this website, I’ve never stopped creating. It’s been therapy as first I got carpal tunnel. After 6 surgeries on the left hand and 2 on the right, it keeps that hand working. The knees went next and then the shoulders, and now the back. If I were a horse…………..   I’m just glad I’m not an octopus!
I had my own place, a little over an acre with a stream and pond, dogs, 3 horses (at various times), motorcycles (but never a tattoo); but with the physical disabilities, I just couldn’t keep up the house, take care of the horse, and it got too painful to ride the bike. I moved in with my sister, and I will state here now, she’s been really great about this. Considering how we hated each other as kids, it’s really nice to have the friendship I have with her now.
Well, that’s pretty much who I am, the internet has opened doors for me that I would never have had the opportunity without it. I’ve met photographers so I can get photos to work from, I’ve made friends online, and being the hermit that I am, I am more connected with the outside world then ever before. Plus, instead of keeping my art in the house and where only a few people can see it, I can display it and share it with you!
Come back often to check out this site, because-

“That’s not all, folks”

So, who am I?
I'm still trying to figure me out!